Solar Heating

Solar Heating Does Work in Alaska!

We offer design and installation for solar hotwater systems.

We tested the Ovendrop evacuated tube collector in South Pole.  While flat collectors lose most of the absorbed heat in the cold climate zone temperature conditions, the evacuate tube design keeps most of the heat energy inside the heat pipe making those collectors about 90% efficient.  The collector produces heat even on cloudy days.  We have designed the system layout of several installations in Alaska

We can help you save energy.

A Typical Residential System Design Description
The solar closed-loop heating system consists of the pump and control station, one or two evacuated tube collector(s), and a glass lined tank with two internal coils and an electric backup  element.   An expansion tank is also needed.  Propylene glycol antifreeze is filled into the closed loop system through the fill and flush valve. Cold water is piped to the solar tank.   An anti-scald valve must be installed for hot water mixing to hot water fixtures if the solar tank high limit in the controller is set above 120 Deg F.   The top coil is piped to the boiler in the manner of a standard indirect water heater.

Solar for Solar Heating and Seasonal Heat Storage

We have designed solar thermal systems with seasonal heat storage.  We size the storage tank, solar thermal collectors and system components to meet your needs.  These systems offer great energy savings and when engineered and installed correctly have a long life time.