Hydro Power

Energy Engineering provides hydro power design & system layout.  We can help you with you the hydroelectric design and consulting services including, engineering, project planning, project management and supervision in all phases of small hydroelectric power development including hydraulic design, hydroelectric dams, intakes, spillways, tunnels, penstocks, electro-mechanical equipment, power transmission lines and electrical substations. Our team can provide hydropower engineering, civil, structural and mechanical design, feasibility studies, site investigations, cost estimates, contract documents, bid evaluations, environmental impact assessments and reports, project management, project planning and on-site inspections.  We work with sub consultants for electrical, structural and civil engineering services.  We can therefore provide you with an engineering package for you hydro systems.  Hydro power plants provide reliable continuous power for communities and cities.   They are dependent on specific combinations of geography, demand, and land-use issues.