Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Plumbing

We provide the full spectrum of building mechanical engineering: -Heating Design: We calculate the heat loss and heat demand of your building and size the heating system. Together with the building owner/developer, we determine the type of heating fuel that will be utilized (Oil, natural gas, propane, electricity). A heated floor makes sense! Whether new built or remodel, deciding for a hydronic heated floor system increases comfort and saves energy.  Did you know that high efficient condensing boilers depend on a low heating return temperature in order to operate in the high efficient range? Radiant floors are perfect for that because of the low supply and return temperatures (120 deg F and 90 deg F.) -Plumbing Design: Domestic cold water and hot water: Solar thermal collectors can be used for preheating.  Evacuated tube collector are 90% efficient and do work in Alaska.  It makes sense to combine building heating and domestic water heating in one boiler. -Ventilation Design. Ventilation is important in any climate because it replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, and flushes out potential pollutants caused by combustion appliances or offgassing materials.  Did you know that ventilation is essential in cold climates, where homes are often built tighter and allow less natural air leakage?  Ventilation also controls indoor humidity, which is created by activities like cooking, showering, and breathing.  If moist air is not exhausted, it can build up to damaging levels, penetrate different parts of the home, such as the walls and roof, and potentially cause moisture problems like mold and rot.  You can add mechanical ventilation through fans, vent hoods, or with a heat-recovery ventilator (HRV), depending on the nature of the situation.  We design variable and constant flow air conditioning ventilation systems.  Every building has its own occupancy type characteristic.  We make sure to provide only as much ventilation and outdoor air as needed in the building.  Heat recovery on the exiting exhaust air streams pays back quickly.  The heat is used to preheat the cold incoming outdoor air.  Further, a product called Solarwall can also be used for preheating cold incoming outdoor air by sucking the fresh air through flat solar collectors mounted on the exterior walls. -Air Conditioning: Whether cooling supplied by the air handler cooling coil, evaporate/condenser single unit or split system, in-floor hydronic cooling, or more, we can design an efficient cooling system that works for you.