We provide feasibility studies and design services for biomass heat.

Our experience covers small to large biomass energy systems using cord wood, pellets, or chips.

In order the determine the right system for your application, some first general questions one should look into are:


-How much heating capacity is needed?

-What local biomass source is available/Does it have to be shipped in/What is the closest supply location?

-Is there any existing structure that can house the new biomass boiler?

-How much biomass storage do I need and how do I protect it from the elements?

-Are you planning on training operators for the system operation and maintenance?


Did you know the in many countries the fire departments appreciate the communities cleaning out their forests by removing dead trees and branches, thereby reducing the fire hazard.  That means free biomass that can be transformed to wood ships or pellets.


Every system has its pros and cons. Let us help you with the technical details!

Make the right decision and save fuel oil by switching over to using biomass!


We have a lot of knowledge in fossil combustion technology.   A good portion of the biomass heat systems available in the USA were invented in Europe, especially in Germany.  Our engineer was trained in Germany in Energy Engineering Technologies also including thermodynamics, combustion technology, power plant operation and controls, power from biomass, wind, hydro and solar power plants.